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Trouvaille Treasures

Multi-Functional Whistle

Multi-Functional Whistle

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1. A multi-functional item that can be used as an emergency whistle, compass, led flashlight, magnifying glass, retroreflector, thermometer, and sealed cabin.

2. Suitable for outdoor activities, a survival whistle should be equipped for safety reasons. Perfect for camping, hiking, or traveling in general.

3. Design clever, small size, easy to carry. It is a necessary tool for survival.

4. Using the theory of reflection the magnifier helps you start a fire. Contact with peers in the wild, danger, accident needs help.

5. Original with a lanyard, field activities hanging in the neck is very convenient! Is a camping adventure, tourism, and leisure essential supplies.



1. Type: Outdoor Survival Whistle
2. Material: ABS
3. Color: Army Green
4. Quantity: 1pc
5. Size: 9.7x2.8cm/3.81x1.10in


1x Outdoor Survival Whistle

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