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Collapsible Straw Set

Collapsible Straw Set

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The return of the collapsible straw is HERE! By popular demand we have brought back our collapsible version of a straw. This high-quality stainless straw folds down in a "telescope" style into its unique, and stylish/sleek carrying case that can be attached to your keychain.

This design is meant for easy carrying as well as keeping your straw protected. We are also including a carabiner for easy attachment anywhere on the go!

This straw set is a full bundle. Included comes a telescopic fold down brush and a silicone tip for the straw to ease the feeling of the metal on your lips/mouth. We are leaving all excuses for plastic straws behind with this one!

Includes the following:

- Collapsible straw

- Carrying case

- Silicone tip

- Carabiner

- Collapsible brush

- 1 Sip away from saving the oceans

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